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          A wise man should consider that health is the greatest
           of human blessings... Hippocrates (460 BC - 377 BC)

Having health requires much more than just going to the doctor. Losing it costs more than words can covey, including your way of life, your income, and dreams your family built. Simple steps learned now can protect it, but later no step may help. You need to take action to make the healthcare system work for you. This is not easy, for it is awkward and broken in many places. But you can add much that it lacks. A new Rand Corporation study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that healthcare is often deficient at all levels of income. We believe that an activist patient is a key part of the solution to this problem, whether you have good insurance or none.

Life is your journey, and health affords your passage. As captain for your ship of health, can you bring it through the challenges?

 This site will guide you and teach you about the key needs of healthcare, and how to find the right people to focus on your health and coordinate care. For now it is about your strategy, rather than a specific disease. Meeting this challenge, you can reach better health, as well as save time and money. To become a power patient, start in 10 Steps.
  This is not easy. Even doctors encounter serious problems with the system, do you, a regular patient, have a chance? We all can greatly improve our healthcare. This site was inspired by a surgeon who did research and taught, but was himself not diagnosed and treated in time to avoid permanet injury. Here, we bring together experiences from both sides of the healthcare system, to help you and your family. It was created by a team, based on lessons from patients and physicians as patients. Who better to help you learn how to "work the system" than someone inside who understands its complexity?

Medical Bankruptcy:
Don't let illness make you poor,
then lack of money make you sicker.
Medical Malpractice
How to avoid it,
or seek redress.
  Patients must play a critical role in their healthcare. A great founder of medicine, Sir William Osler, said "It's more important to know what sort of a person this disease has, than to know what sort of a disease this person has." The trinity of health care is the caregivers, the institutions, and the patient. Don't fail your role. You the patient should no more be passive in health care than in getting a house or building a career.
To make good decisions, you have to be informed. In the modern medical system this takes time and a lot of effort. But the struggle is worse if you don't try. You can start with reading records, getting opinions, asking questions, and examining yourself as a patient. Then never stop learning to improve your healthcare, whether you work on your body, your style, or the healthcare system. It always pays off for life.

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