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                        Life is a journey. Health affords your passage. The challenge is to captain it well.
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Power Patient Is Dedicated Purely to The Patient Getting The Best Care,
From The Real World.

This site was born because of the frustrations of both physicians and patients about their medical care. If your healthcare has a deficiency, your career, your quality of life and even your survival can turn into a great dark path. Even though our medical care fortunately comes from the leading edge of health care, the huge system has many gaps. Challenged by the complexity of delivering it and our own individual biological uniqueness, the resources may fall short.

Healthcare is too vital to leave to the system alone. And the most focused and forceful person the healthcare team needs is you, the patient. You will work to keep healthcare working for your needs, and you know if that healthcare is succeeding to a degree even high tech scanners can miss. But you need some help to understand and work with the system.

This site provides both simple guidelines and key steps to help you improve your healthcare. We want you to think not patiently and passively, but as an activist for your care. You need to work with patient determination to insure the system is working for you, connected to your medical problems, and coordinated in delivering care. Finally you need to learn how to prevent and limit the problems that can add to health burdens.

This makes you a Power Patient. Many of these lessons may seem obvious, but can be hard to follow regularly. Others are things you thought the medical care community already does, but are not applied in all cases. And finally, there are those you didn't think about at all.

This site is drawing on patients, some of whom are also physicians, and on physicians administering health care to bring you a concise message of how to be in the best health. And the message is that you can only achieve this as an activist. If you are informed, observant, and communicative, you can avoid many problems. This will save quality of life, time and money in invaluable ways.

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