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Syptoms & Signs Diagnostic Difficulty Denials & Delays Conflicting Consultation Treatment & Decisions Concerns & Changes Correcting Crisis Exploding Expenses
             Table of Contents - Site Map
Understand Healthcare
Preventing Trouble
Handling Situations
Careful Planning
Financial Issues
Insurance Issues
Power Philosophy

Health is the greatest... Hippocrates (460 BC - 377 BC)


  1. About Power Patients - What are they and how do they benefit?
  2. Understanding Healthcare
  3. Preventing Health and Healthcare Problems
  4. Managing a Situation, Navigating a Health Care Crisis
  5. Planning: Building Your Healthcare Plan and Living It.
  6. Financial Challenges in Healthcare
    HealthCare CostCutting Course
    Cut Healthcare Costs

         Cutting Costs Ahead of Time
         Bill Cutting Once It Arrives
         Flu Shot Shortage, How To Get One Safely
  7. Insurance Hurdles in Healthcare
  8. The Power Patient Philosophy
  9. The 10 Steps to Securing Healthcare
  10. Seven Deadly Healthcare Sins
  11. Avoid Misdiagnosis, Medical Mistakes, and Malpractice
  12. Independent Medical Exams - Course
    Course Introduction
        IMEs, What Are They?
        Detailed Strategy for IMEs

        Seven IME Snares
  13. Symptoms and Signs
  14. Diagnostic Difficulty
  15. Denials and Delays
  16. Conflicting Consultation
  17. Treatment and Decisions
  18. Concerns and Changes
  19. Correcting Crisis
  20. Exploding Expenses


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