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                     Courses: Learn To Get Healthcare

Understand Healthcare
Preventing Trouble
Handling Situations
Careful Planning
Financial Issues
Insurance Issues
Power Philosophy

We know you confront a specific problem at any given time.
It may be your bill, getting a test approved, or whether you have been misdiagnosed.

You need to solve it now, and to help we tell you how to deal with each problem in a short course. You can learn quickly how to get better health and avoid problems. We use everyone of these ourselves.

They walk you through the issues, but be prepared to be detailed in your approach.
Real challenges require real effort.

You need to be a member for tsome full courses.

Avoid The Menace of Mistakes, Misdiagnosis, Malpractice
These problems can mean worry, extra hospitalization, inability to keep your job, or permanent major injury. It is thought that more than 100,000 patients a year have serious problems. Make sure you have the best odds of being safe.

Cutting Your Health Care Costs
Bills jump at you like summer weeds, and when you stopped one, it can appear from a new direction. But if you will be systematic, and very diligent at each step,
you can save a lot with what we teach here.

IME: Independent Medical Exams, Preparation Prevents Problems
These are insurance exams to get an independent opinion. They can be helpful. But they also can prevent you from getting diagnostic tests, cut your income, worsen you from stress in the testing, or lower your disability rating. Your doctor and attorney are usually not enough to make IMEs safe.
It is much easier to do your homework in advance and have a good exam, than fight the system later.

Getting A Flu Shot, and Getting It Safely
The flu innoculation shortage is in the headlines. We want to offer practical advice about
how to get a shot, and without creating another problem.