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What is involved in joining Power Patients, and why should I?

This site is purely about your health, all the things that have to come together to get the best health. This means your mind, your body, and the healthcare system. When you join you get wider access to the site, and will be updated with our newletter. In addition you can start taking courses, reading in more depth, and benefitting from the forums.

We value your membership, because as a member you become a power patient in a larger fashion. You will build the power patient site with us, and your experience will help others. In the end, your membership is the most important building block of this site.

Power Patient has a free membership to access much of the site. This gives you an introduction to the principles and the practical guidance we aim for.

Get more you can use from an inexpensive regular membership, $20 every six months. This gives you access to about half the site, most courses, the newsletter, and forum.

Power Package gives you access to the whole site. This bargain is $30 for six months.

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