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The Flu Shot Shortage has created flu fear. Long lines, rationing, even illness and fatal collapses while waiting for the flu shots are in the news. We are providing a practical guide to help your odds of getting a shot with the least risk and hassle. Two of our intrepid reporters went from the start of the line to the delivery of the shot to help you get it safely.

Those High Healthcare Costs. They come at you from so many directions. We have practical steps that save thousands, if you learn them and are diligent.

Cut Drug Costs With Imports
Searching for the best way to lower drug costs, the low prices across the border make sense. But forces from Canadians unhappy our demand drives up their prices to drug companies unwilling to supply higher volumes to Canada may prevent this from being a wide scale solution. We look at the problem, but more imporantly at what you can do.

Medical Mistakes, Misdiagnosis and Malpractice do threaten patients. And no large healthcare system can fully avoid them, so don't trust it. Power Patients understand that and protect themselves. Learn how.

Are The Doctors You Need Leaving? Have They Stopped Offering Services your community needs? This is a growing problem in many communities. Malpractice litigation reform is an important topic.