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Power Philosophy

When you need medical care, there can be many frustrations and problems. If you feel confused by the complexity of medicine, or worried about whether you will get the help you need, it is a feeling of weakness and worry. And we all have seen how hard illness can be on us, and those near to us.
Illness profoundly saps our power, whether it is energy, capability, money, wit, or even our future. And while it can't always be prevented, the most effective ways of dealing with it are those done early, before it comes, or at least before the rigtht treatments can no longer use.

This site aims to help you become powerful in this plight. The power of a power patient is health: benefitting from it, and getting it.

Your turn to the healthcare system for help, usually as a one looking for wisdom one doesn't have, and treatments one doesn't know. This is passive, and it is traditional. But you don't always find the answer in the healthcare system, or being just passive. While some health problems can't be solved yet, many just get lost in the system, and so can the passive patient. Well our message is that healthcare needs looking after, and looking over.

"Managed Care" can be more about looking after cost. The managing you need, you need to be sure you lead in. And you can do it. You don't have to know every detail. Watch out for the fundamentals, and you can prevent fundamental problems. Focus on your problems in the right way, and so will those treating you. Show you intend to understand your illness, and others will teach you. If they know you are concentrating, they will concentrate more themsleves. Leading your healthcare does not require an M.D. degree.

And here is another piece of the puzzle, the other side of the coin. A prescribed medical treatment is usually only part of what you need for health. What is missing? Treatments work not in a vacuum, or even in some mano a mano duel with the illness. They work in a body that must figtht with them, yours. In fact, they won't work unless your body helps. And that means the person in charge of the body must lead to treatment success.

Now, this is not easy. The health care system is under increasing stress, and some would say impossible stress for what it has to do. And many would say, this will get worse. Plus the system has become fractured between parties that are rather removed from you the patients, and other goals and directions can keep you from all that would help. ( read our Philosophy). Overworked health care workers make this worse. Finally, all the miracles of modern medicine, are still less than those already in your body. You need both. And you control much of this.

But there is no good training for this in our life. Even physicians have real problems with the health care system when they become ill. We have experienced this ourselves. We believe it is so important that we have begun what we see as an unserved need. To educate you about the strategy of healthcare, and the crucial need for you to take an active role, not a passive one.

This the only hope in most cases, to reduce the gaps, and make the treatments work best. In addition, you will help complete the healtcare system, which has truly unsolvable burdens. If you reduce them, it will be able to focus more on your care.

Power Patients Change HealthCare

Clearly, one patient cannot change the health care system, except in rare circumstances. Your health care depends on that combination of the system and you which makes the team. To change this large a team we need a lot of Power Patients. If they are asking questions the same way, persistently seeking the same type of treatment, voting by chosing the same types of doctors and services, and reporting they are better for it healthcare will respond.

But patients have to educated. They must know what they need, insist on it, and communicate clearly to get these important changes. Educate yourself and your friends on where the healthcare system is weak and where the patient must be strong because this will help all medical care and your own. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best is to join and help build Power Patients.

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