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                Healthcare Crisis: Early Steps to Stop One, and Managing a Storm
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Crises are countered by watching for their warning signs, and focusing on stopping them when they come. Fortuneately, most crises in healthcare arise slowly. If you lookout for them you will see the risk coming, while it can be averted or reduced. A fast moving disaster may leave you with few or no choices, but by working to manage crises early fewer will become disasters.

The dictionary defines a criis as a turning point for better or worse in a disease. It is an unstable or critical time. to recognize one you must be alert to seeing it. You cannot just let healthcare proceed while you stay uninvolved. A Power Patient takes an active role.

What are the signs of a healthcare crisis?
1) You are worsening in spite of the treatment.
2) You improve, but your symptoms later recur, or advance.
3) You cannot reach a level of function where your work and personal needs are reasonably met.

If time and travel permit, look for a center or a specialist in the problem you can reach. This gives you a perspective and perhaps fresh ideas.


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