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Ill? It can seem that all your plans for life, and even your current life, are imploding under a double whammy of health expenses: the bills you have to pay and the income you lose. Usually some insurance costs are left uncovered. Even with disability insurance there is usually a delay before it starts, and the payments are less than you made. Your job may not be present when you recover, or you may have to change careers to protect your health. And great family stress arises from these problems, adding to your costs. Some families do not survive.

The money translates into health. Better finances will greatly reduce your stress, which improves your body's healing abllity. It gives you time and clairty of mind to make better choices, and find the answers you need.

The key to avoiding this catastrophe is both what you do before the crisis and how you handle it. When you are ill your energy, capability, time, and even your ability to make decisions can work against you. You must build the shelter before the storm. But should illness come, there is still a great deal you can do to improve things. Much of that is covered in the rest of the site. Here we worry about the cost, and also offer detailed tips and advice.

The steps are:
1) Work to get the best health care.
In the long run it will be less expensive than the burden of greater illness. This often is not a matter of spending more money, but more time and more thought.

2) Plan ahead for illness.
Study your health insurance and pay attention to other's experience with your policy. Plan for a period of disability so that you can weather it. Get the best disabilty insurance policy you can, and know what it does not cover. Consider another policy just for the gaps of the first. Go beyond the sales promises when you study it. Have in mind other career options if you physically can't do yours someday. Often this is an offshoot of what you do well now, you just need to look around for it.

3) Live for health.
Watch your lifestyle, your job, and your family to avoid problems that will set you up for health risks that are too costly to bear over time.

4) If illness comes, don't be passive.
Go over you insurance and disabilty to be sure your get the health documentation from your doctors that makes the policies work for you. Make each health decision very carefully for good health and your costs. Work to understand two tests of treatment. How will the likely results affect me, and how will complications and poor results affect me As in investment where the first rule is not to lose money, in health don't take an necessary chance on losing ground you can't regain.

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